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Gantung by Nadia Khan

Horror, Thriller


Title: Gantung
Author: Nadia Khan
Publication Date: 1st January 2013
Publisher: Buku Fixi
Pages: 293

My Rating(s): 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Gibbs, Ray, KJ are Troll are best friends at an elite secondary school. They have a code: none of them can have an exclusive relationship with a girl; she must be shared. But when one of the guys breaks this code, the consequences turn dire – and even deadly.


I’m gonna review this book by multi-language (english-malay).

First, as a Fixi beginner, not bad huh! I love the plot twist, the characters and the ending was superb. Every chapter may leave you ‘tergantung’ and you have to read more to figure out the truth! I intrigued by every chapter and that makes me hard to put down this book. Yeah! You may read this within a day, I promise!

As for characters, tak yah mention kot. I think everyone love this boys, hensem tu korang imagine sendiri la ya. Hot stuff sekolah kot. Btw, My fav one is Ray sbb actor dia Ikmal Amri, oops! Nope, just kidding! I just like Ray’s character. So far all the characters are compelling and reliable for the whole story. The story was not too creepy for me. Just nice but, I love the author’s trick to attract the reader. There’s a joke, some suspense and spook. I enjoy it. You did it, Nadia! *gunshot*

One thing that might discomfort me was too much harsh language and the kids was too socialize. Tapi tak boleh dinafikan even elite school pun kan. As mentioned on the book cover, this book only for 18-rated (matured) reader, so parent, be alert. However, I love the author’s style of writing. She used the man lame and simple term to make it readable and fun to read.

The most mind-blowing was the ending! Very unexpected and there’s a cliffhanger. NVM, I still love that! I don’t how to describe it but you have to read it.

So overall, I enjoy reading this book. As the first-timer, this doesn’t disappoint me at all. I might looking for other Fixi books to read in future. And if you do have suggestion, feel free to share it with me below.

Thank you for reading my review. Till next time!



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