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Meet the Blogger

Hi everyone, my name is Lea. I love to read, draw, and write journal. Welcome to my book blog. This is my first ever book blog that I’ve create for me to post my interests especially in writing book reviews, my portfolio or maybe fanfics and some new interesting topics related to books/fandom, mostly. I started love to read since I was 6. The Milkmaid and the Pail my first ever book that I owned and still with me until today. Since then, I started to collect fables in fairytale until I discovered Harry Potter (in movie). Then I bought the books and BOOM! Here I am now, a bookfreak, bookdragon, booknerd, you name it. I’m proud to be one of Malaysian Bibliophile. That’s all about me I guess. Feel free to ask me anything if you want to. I’m friendly and love making new friends.

P/S: I’m Shadowhunter at Gryffindor’s pride 
What’s your Hogwart’s House?

What is Biblio Leviosa about?

As you can see, Leviosa is obviously from one of Harry Potter’s spell “wingardium leviosa”. Leviosa itself came from latin word “levo” which means I lift/rise. So, I decided to combine biblio (book) and leviosa together as it give a meaning the book that I lift or something that arise with book. Book changes me a lot. This is where I improve my imagination and vocabulary, obviously.

Here, I will share with you books that I’ve read, rating them with my honest thoughts and recommend them if you are into the book genres. Talking about genres, I would prefer something like fantasy, thriller, mystery and fiction. I more into YA in fantasy, fiction, contemporaries. I do read YA romance but not really into it

So in my book blog, I will more focus on book reviews as well as I review them on Goodreads and Instagram.

I think this will be a wrap up for my first blog post. I hope that I can make something beneficial especially for my bookish friends and any bibliophile out there or even you are not reading too. I hope this might inspired to read as well. My big dream is I want to be one of a book reviewer that inspires the community to show how fun reading is and one day I will have my own Bookish Fandom Store.

Till we meet in my next post. Good day!