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Blog Tour | Billionaire’s Bet by Adelia Burke

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This is my stop for the blog tour for a book of Adelia Burke who recently published another sweet romance, Billionaire’s Bet. This tour is taking place on blog from 30th November to 5th December. So make sure you guys check out the rest of the tours’ stops too! I’d like to thank Delaney Earl for inviting me to join this awesome book blog tour’s too.

Check them out!

Title: Billionaire’s Bet

Author: Adelia Burke

Genre: Romance / Clean Romance

Publication Date: November 2020

Pages: 119

Available formats: eBook and print, KDP


Billionaire’s bet follows a four friendship of Ben, Matt, Rob and Nate, who dealing with a ridiculous bet where they have to work at average grade community leaving all the fame and luxury behind for 6 months. Ben was eager to win the bet and he was trying hard to survive. He finally gets a job as a mechanic and to be his fate, he met Delaney. He had crushed on her. Their love cute love story begins in progress where Ben secretly helped Delaney with his money. Will Ben lose the bet and win Delaney’s heart?


It was a hard fact to swallow, but helping others gave deep satisfaction.

You’re just as worth to receive help as those you help.

The potato was rock hard, but the inside is delicious


Adelia Burke (Deb Earl) was born in Reno, Nevada. She is married and has three married daughters and two grandchildren. She has been an avid reader all of her life with a vivid imagination.
She has been involved in family history research for many years and decided to incorporate that into her writing in some of her books. It makes for some interesting stories.  She absolutely loves to throw in twists in her books.
Her interests include running, gardening, and traveling. She is a home-schooling expert!



Have you ever thought how a billionaire could survive in a middle-grade community because of a ridiculous bet?
Check out my full review of Billionaire’s Bet here.


You may also can win a FREE ebook copy to download of this honey sugar sweet romance read by filling your contact information to join the VIP Club at


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